Call Center Dialer

We offer a complete predictive, power, and generic dialer package for call centers anywhere operating within the United States.

Extremely low rates

The actual cost that a telephone carrier charges can be minimal. Here’s the truth: the underlying technology of nearly every dialer is Asterisk, a free (as in speech and beer), open-source project for interfacing with VoIP and telephone systems. But Asterisk is just a command-line interface–the engine under the hood. The value brought by each dialer service is the additional predictive algorithms and administrative systems built on top of that free engine, as well as the complexities of engineering software to utilize that power in one package. Our dialer suite offers everything useful that you need without the bloat. Our dialer suite has been successfully deployed in multiple companies across the Buffalo area, perfectly replacing established services that charge two to three times as much for the exact same campaign.

We’ll dramatically undercut your current rate if we’re able to, and there are significant discounts for volume. Contact us for a quote! (your exact rate will vary depending on volume and other factors).

Full control over Text-to-Speech, call script, and restrictions

Automatic compliance restriction options by time, area code, duplicate status, call frequency. Our dialer suite uses the same Text-to-Speech technology available in more expensive dialer services. The computer reads any part of the message you want.

Answering machine detection, automated tone menu

Sophisticated recognition technologies and menu logic.

Full billing and call log report visibility on demand

See instantly the progress of your campaign, call logs and results, and billing information.

Adjustable predictive agent connection rate, tracking, call-flow

CyberJocks offers industry-standard predictive dialer algorithms to maximize your business’s utilization of employee time — keeping them on the phone.

Simple Excel/CSV call list uploads

Uploading a list of names and numbers with special messages and variables doesn’t get any easier than using the universal CSV format. We’ll even help you export from your database if you’d like–included with the dialer software suite is a CSV export tool for your MySQL and MSSQL database.

Client-side and agent-side realtime monitoring application

Provide a clean interface with useful information, one for yourself and one for your agents. Simple installation and maintenance-free operation.

Android monitoring application

Control and monitor your dialer campaign directly from your Android device as well as your PC.

Email us at or call us with your inquiry, come in anytime to our physical location, or use the Contact Form. We look forward to serving you!


Why Choose Us

We can severely undercut the dialer competition by running a lean and diverse business.

Using the integrated software suite is very easy.

Industry-standard features
You get all the features you need without the bloat.

We also build phone servers

Take control of your phones
If you have a third-party VoIP or telephone service, you’ve probably experienced an outage and poor service. With your own server hosted totally under your control, you’re not trusting someone else to handle your critical communications.

Like any utility, third-party services are draining you by more than their operational costs. With your own server, you pay the bare cost of operation only, and that cost is always less.

The rational long-term choice
If your call volume is high, your server will prove a cost-saving investment in months, and it works flawlessly with our dialer suite!

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