Q?What are your hours?

CyberJocks is open 8:00AM to 6:00PM M-F, but feel free to call any time – someone may be available!

Q?What do you do and where are you located?

CyberJocks serves the greater Buffalo area and parts of Erie County, New York – Buffalo, Kenmore, Amherst, Williamsville, Tonawanda, and the surrounding areas. However, many of our services are location-independent. Email us at services@cyberjocks.com with your inquiry, come in anytime to our physical location, or use the Contact Form.

CyberJocks IT.
3411 Delaware Ave. Suite 101
Kenmore, NY 14217

Telephone: +1 716 751 5500
FAX: +1 716 535 1011
E-mail: services@cyberjocks.com

CyberJocks is an IT support and custom solution provider. We employ a diverse blend of employees with formal programming education and experience and with practical years of experience repairing hardware and dealing with modern software and networking tools. See our Services section. We look forward to serving you!

Q?Can you fix my computer/recover data from my PC/laptop?

Yes, we repair your devices and perform data recovery! We employ CompTIA+ certified technicians able to professionally repair your sensitive possessions. All specific repair requests can be sent to our team and we will promptly respond.

Q?What would it cost to build a custom gaming PC?

All custom gaming PC builds are highly variable in price depending on your requirements, but as a very general rule (and don’t quote us on this – this is just for a general idea which will vary depending on current circumstances), expect to budget between these two extremes:

Budget gaming rig, internals and case only (no monitor, peripherals, etc.), no OS configuration or license: $400.00

“Play all the current games on max settings” rig, zero setup, no monitor and peripherals included: $880.00

“State-of-the-art SLI/Crossfire custom case machine”, zero setup, 2-3 monitors and peripherals included: $2200.00

Again, this is just to have some idea – these are not fixed prices, just cooked up examples.

Q?What is your rate on the predictive dialer?

We cannot offer a fixed advertised rate – it may be higher or lower, and it depends on your individual circumstances. We’d be very pleased to give you an instant quote through our Contacts information. Expected volume discounts are available, and everything is negotiable!

Q?What will it cost me to get my computer fixed?

See our price list at PC/Mobile repairs. Often, a problem can be repaired for far less than the cost of replacing the entire device and far less than taking it to a retail chain offering repair services.

Q?What are the different monthly managed service plans offered by CyberJocks?

We have 3 different monthly managed service plans; Basic, Standard and Über. Each of these plans has a detailed outline under our “Services” tab.

Q?What about additional services?

Since cookie-cutter packages don’t work for everyone, we take the time to assess your individual needs so that we can have a better understanding of them. Once we know what you need, we then offer our services to you. If it’s not outlined in one of our service plans, that’s ok! It doesn’t mean we can’t help you with it.