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Regional Caller ID

We are pleased to announce the most recent addition to the CyberJocks voice broadcasting system - Regional Caller ID! This feature will increase live answers and link backs which has a direct effect on what matters most, gross collections. Our Regional Caller ID solutions offers ~220 phone numbers across the United States and covers 95% of all called phone numbers. That's over 300 MILLION people!

What is Regional Caller ID?

Regional Caller ID is a service where we provide ~220 phone numbers across the United States on your behalf. These phone numbers are then integrated with your account and can be used at your discretion on a per campaign basis. If utilized, the dialer system will intelligently select which caller ID information to display on the phone being called. If the dialer is calling a phone in the 313 area code the dialer will display the 313 phone number that is now assigned to your account. That phone number when called will linked back to your office via a linkback number or SIP address. These phone numbers are not shared with anyone else and are uniquely assigned to your account only.

I want it! How do I get it?

If you are interested in obtaining this service please click on the "Request sales representative" button below or call us at 716-751-5500.